Cheers to tearing up the rulebook!

We are Ann and Julia, Owners/Directors of Golden Decanters. Two years ago, we began an odyssey. Hundreds of tastings and miles traversed later, we are delighted to bring you the inaugural Golden Decanters collection of exquisite single malt whiskies.

As ladies who ‘dram’ we decided to tear up the rulebook and grab the Scotch Whisky industry by the sporran to launch our own collection, our own way.

From the painstaking process of selecting only the finest flavour profile from each whisky region, to approving the exquisitely etched bottle designs commissioned from Timorous Beasties, we have left no stone unturned (nor cask untapped) in our pursuit of liquid perfection.

From Islay’s inky, blue waters, to the views and vistas of Speyside, the silent bens, glens and lochs of the Highlands, to the gently rolling beauty of the Scottish Lowlands, Golden Decanters has curated and bottled four premium casks of single malt whisky to represent the finest flavours found in Scotland. Will you join us on our adventure?

Cheers! (Or slàinte as we say in Scotland)

Ann and Julia 


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Golden Decanters
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